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Name Game


What’s in a name? I’ve heard that said somewhere before. I am not sure where but it has clearly stuck with me. I have come to believe that names are important. Even when names are given accidentally you will usually find a connection with something greater that connect the person or thing with that name.

So what in the what do names have to do with this blog?? Outside of being the topic of discussion we would like to remind you that we changed our name. Well the name of the website that you are viewing this blog on. WHY?? There are quite a few reasons but the most important reason is the customer...you. Our previous name was sentimental and easier for us to use as the name was unique and no one would be using it as a URL. But as we look around at the things that have stood the test of time and had a successful business model like Kodak, Coke, Dell, Nike, etc I have noticed that the names are very simple, easy to remember, easy to find. And that is where the customer...you come in. Our previous name was Luepp (loop) it. (I’ll explain why shortly). Most people couldn’t remember exactly what it was and some couldn’t pronounce it. So we knew it was time to change but we didn’t know to what.

Unlike the previous brands we mentioned we were not inventing something new and therefore didn’t believe we needed to invent a new name. So we started investigating other well known names like Cher, Madonna, Beyonce, etc. Some of them we don’t even know their last names but it is obvious to most of us in the world who they are. We call that successful branding. This is something we would also like to do. But unlike celebrities that are clearly famous when people know exactly who you are talking about with just one word we are not planning on performing or doing interviews where the name (one word or not) will continue to come up connecting us with that name repeatedly and therefore creating a brand or stamp in the minds of those who see us.