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Cannes Cannes

Remember that Shoprite commercial with the Can Can girls...anyway bad play on words. But that image does remind me of how extravagant they were dressed to sell cans of food at Shoprite. Since we are really going to be talking about the Cannes Film Festival I think extravagance is a really good connection.

So let’s talk. What were your favorite looks? Who probably should of stayed home this year? And who took the smartest risk?

I will admit we had some favorites. As a matter of fact we had so many favorites we realized we had to split this blog into more then one. So today we will be focused on our 1st 3 favorites. And some are more famous in other countries then they are in the US. Let's start with a classic: Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon in Alberta Ferretti gown

Susan Sarandon in Alberta Ferretti gown

We absolutely love her style and class in a stunning version of a very classic style. Her velour dress with the perfect neckline is by Alberta Ferretti. Susan has also made the perfect casual couture statement in a leather maxi length skirt with a button down blouse and blazer. At 70 or any age she made some good choices.

Are next favorite is one we weren't expecting as we don't really see her on red carpet that often (even though we wish she would make more appearances), Ms Winnie Harlow.

Winnie Harlow in Zuhair Murad
Winnie Harlow in Zuhair Murad