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STYLISH...Wait who says so???

What is style? When is someone stylish? Who determines or defines style? Well according to Websters dictionary STYLE means ": a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed. : a particular form or design of something. : a way of behaving or of doing things." Ok that makes sense but still does not dictate whether someone has style or not. So I clearly need to look up the word stylish. According to Google stylish means "having or displaying a good sense of style or fashionably elegant" But to be fair and compare apples to apples Webster defines stylish as "conforming to current fashion". Anyone in the fashion world knows that Google clearly got it right. Not to say there is anything wrong with the Webster definition but doesn't truly give you the feeling for the word.

When one is stylish one understands fashion and takes the proper steps to look very put together while appearing to have rolled out of bed "like this" Some people truly get it. When someone can put on a pair of sweatpants, fitted bodysuit and a pair of pumps with a great oversized bag or the fabulous dainty cross over bag it is clear they are stylish, right? Well let's break it down so that it is clear why they are stylish as opposed to the person with the oversized sweatpants, oversized t-shirt, worn down athletic shoes and gym bag.

Let's start with the shoe. You can have style even if the shoe is not stylish but you will definitely get minus points. So to be clear the shoe is important if you want to be stylish. Wearing a pump with anything casual (or any high heel for that matter) gives you tons of bonus points.

The next thing that makes the look stylish would be the bag. Hey I just noticed the ACCESSORIES are soOOO important. Anyway a stylish bag says "I'm important", "I'm fun", "I like nice things". Trust me it makes a difference.

The final thing in this situation would be the clothes. When you think pumps and a designer bag you instantly visualize crispy(translation: NEW) sweats that are actually figure flattering with a great elastic waist and detailed drawstring with a beautiful spandex bodysuit that is a pretty color or the perfect neutral.

The reason you invision that is because you've already made up your mind the lady is stylish. Accessories will do that to you.

What has become abundantly clear is the person deciding who is stylish is YOU. Ok ok, the person looking. There has to be some effort but style is truly subjective. The point is what do you want to represent? What ever it is make sure to take some effort and add a great bag, a wonderful necklace or that amazing pair of shoes. Just remember you will have to actually try to look good. Nobody and I mean nobody actually "Wakes up like this"