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FORGET Valentine's Day :-/

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

So I must sound like a jaded ex or a bitter side piece (that's right I said it) but I'm not. I am actually in love with love and I have discovered no bad relationship will change that. So why am I saying forget V-Day. I deliberately didn't post last week. I mean who wants do read a blog when you are clearly prepping for or enjoying the biggest date night of the year. Or who wants to read a blog when you would rather be sulking in front of bad chic flicks eating a gallon of icecream wondering why you don't have a date. Or who wants to read a blog when you are too busy enjoying life, hanging out with friends, having some me time or working (yes some people do enjoy working). So I opted out of giving you something else to do.

With that being said I am a huge holiday person. I no longer subscribe to why holidays originated but focus on the positive things they are about now. I mean the history of holidays can be quite terrifying. Wasn't St Valentine a murderer or something? Anyway I love that people are proud of who they are and love sharing themselves with family and friends. Giving gifts and going out of your way to put a smile on someone's face is awesome.

I especially love the way fashion gets involved with the holidays. Fashion week is always around the same time as V-Day inspiring the love for change and something new. People try new things to be more glamorous with their make up and hair. From body conscious dresses with a twist to freak um dresses for the appropriate attention to the perfect hang out pants look. I don't care what anybody says every holiday requires a special look. I LOVE IT!!!

This is part of the reason I launched an online store and love fashion so much. To help bring the imagination to life through fashion. Besides whether your single or in a relationship feeling good about yourself usually starts with how you see yourself in the mirror. Wouldn't you love to see the most beautiful you possible? And here's a bonus if you're single...If you look good on a consistent basis you won't stay single for long.

Well hope you got the most out of the holiday and put your best fashion foot forward. We'll talk to you next week :-))