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Is it worth it to have a Partner?

That's an interesting question. I mean let's think about partnerships. There are marriages, families, roommates, business partners, friends, parents and couples. What's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of partnerships? For me it seems obvious but when you are actually in a relationship or partnership it is very easy to forget what the real purpose is of the agreement in the first place.

In my mind partnerships are based on a few things. The first thing is 2 or more people coming together to build something like a business for example with the assurance that each person has something to offer to get to the end goal or maintain a certain objective. The best partnerships seem to be when each party brings something unique or different than what the other partners are bringing.

A second thing about partnerships is balancing each others strengths and flaws. So it becomes clear that one partner is strong in one area and hopefully that is the same area the other partner is lacking. When 2 or more people are strong in the same area and weak in the same area I find that partnership is usually not as successful. There is unfortunately no one to pick up the slack. When things fall apart not only does the thing suffer but usually the partnership does as well. There is sometimes blame that gets passed around, disappointment that the other person didn't figure it out and anger that nobody fixed it.

On a good note the 3rd thing is balancing each other out. The earlier you as a partner figure out your strengths and then your partner's strengths the sooner you can get to the business of accepting responsibility for your role and allowing your partner to do their part,

The interesting thing about partnerships is that when they come together in balance there is not only harmony but usually a great deal gets accomplished. The bad thing is when partnerships are not treated preciously they can ruin lives.

So then the question comes...IS IT WORTH IT TO HAVE A PARTNER??? Can you do it yourself? Will doing it yourself make sense? Will you be able to handle all of the roles alone? Is what you want worth the risk? Most of the time the answer will be YES.

Having a partner can be absolutely rewarding. What a great feeling to have someone to share great triumphs with. It is just as great of a feeling to have someone to get through the low times with. Having someone who understands what you are doing and will bounce ideas off you while you do the same.

If you are reaching a point in your life where a partnership may come into question think about why. Make sure your are clear on why you need a partner and what you hope to achieve by having one. If you find a partner or partners know your deal breakers in advance so you know if the relationship won't work and move out of the situation as soon as possible. Think about your strengths and weaknessess and try to find a partner that balances you. Sometimes that can be tough. So if you don't find the perfect match be flexible. What can you pick up on that your partner is not. Be patient and come from a space of joy when ever possible. And most importantly look good while doing it. Ok that last part doesn't really make sense but I usually add fashion to all my topics. So LOL.

But honestly go out there a be great and remember it is more fun to share the experience :-)