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Fancy Feet & Winter Ready

Hey Hey Hey. How was your Holiday??? We took a bit of a break to enjoy this wonderful time of the year. Even though we love, well I love the holiday season I can't get away from the fact that it reminds me of WINTER.

Living in the Northeast of North America gives you an automatic respect for seasonal weather. You may not like it but you make sure you are prepared for it. In the spring you may change your hairstyle for the summer, get the car looked at for all of that driving your are about to do in all your new outdoor adventures and most importantly do some spring cleaning. Now for me that means updating new pieces and purging unwanted items from my closet.

In the summer you are all about things that will essentially show off that beautiful body whether you like it or not. I mean it's hot so you'll be wearing less clothing to stay cool. You'll be doing activities like going to the beach or lounging at the pool that require next to nothing in the clothing department.

For fall you start to get dressed again, adding on layers, changing your style of footwear and updating your hair look.

And then there is winter. Oh my winter. Most men love this season because they get to wear gorgeous heavy coats, hats and boots. It's very easy for them to be sexy this time of year and usually being in shape is not a qualification. But the ladies have a different perspective.

In the summer we get to show off all that hard work we've been doing to our bodies and get to wear things that are flirty and feminine. In the fall we get to kick the sexy up a notch with high heel boots, overcoats and stunning bags. BUUUTTTT in the winter, well let's just say we have a lot in common with Bears.

That's right I said bears. Feels like hybernation season. For the most part we are much more focused on being warm than being cute. Once you master both in the freezing temperatures of the winter you have become a fashion GENIUS.

We also have the luxury of wearing heavy coats, scarves and hats. This means cute hairstyles ain't happening (except for special occassions of course). So how can we keep it sexy or at least stylish?? Well we need a great puffy coat, a unique but cute hat and scarf set and a great pair of winter boots. They should be flat, warm and comfy. This is the reason it is so easy to put on a pair of boots from Australia Luxe Collective. I mean they have fur inside.

So even though we may love summer all year round the holidays wouldn't feel right without the cold temperatures, snow and the opportunity to relax with family and friends by the fireplace.

Have an AWESOME day. Appreciate where you are right in this moment, it is exactly where you are supposed to be :-)

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