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So what is your favorite thing about wait staff?? Mine is how much they are being of service on a day to day basis. I mean maybe some of them just look at it as a job. But there are some people that genuinely enjoy being of service in any way possible.

I personally find no matter what is going on in my life I am utterly HAPPY when I have done something that Truly brings joy or a great benefit to someone else. And it really doesn't matter who.

I see this controversy around Jada Pinkett Smith's option to boycott the Oscar's. There have been SOOOO many opinions about it and speculations of what they would of done had her or WIll been nominated. Would they of still made that decision??? I definitely see that it is irrelevant.

What she has done whether intentional or not is struck up some serious dialogue. People are not only having their opinions expressed but being asked by the press "What is the solution...then" It seems the most logical answer is to have MORE people of color in MORE really good films so there are MORE options and therefore a higher percentage chance to consistantly have people of color being nominated.

I'm sure there's much more to it than that but what I really really appreciate if how dramatically Jada is being of service. She is being of service to her culture by starting the dialogue which will hopefully turn into action and then change. She is also being of service to her fellow actors of color by not only shining a light on the lack of nominations but shining the light on the lack of movies where there is a true pertrayal of the diversity of America. So without agreeing or disagreeing to her point I say Coodoes Jada for once again being of service.

What does service look like to you? It could be something so simple as taking out the trash in the house where you live. It could be something as grand as feeding, clothing and helping someone homeless get back into society. Or it could just be holding the door.

Our intention at Luepp It is to be of service in any way we can. We see fashion as a vehicle to bring joy. You would be surprised at how someone feels when they look good. There's confidence, being pleased, sexiness and self love just to name a few emotions. Sometimes it is those feeling that creates change in what other's are willing to do to be of service. And we are glad for that.

Take some time today...Right NOW to think of something you can do for the person sitting or standing closest to you right now. Ok now do it. I mean it. I guarantee you,

the person you will really be of service to is you!!!