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Are you Holiday Party Ready?? (please remove the sandals...btw:-)

The Holiday Party season is upon us. Are you party outfit ready?? Do you have the perfect dress? How about the shoes? I have a thing about sandals in the winter if anyone is interested. I am mean that may be the perfect shoe for that dress but if it's cold outside honey you take away from the entire experience. BTW.

Oh let me get back on track. What about your accessories? If you notice in the beautiful pics we've chosen the dresses speak volumes. They are the most important part of dressing up and going to an elegant party. So here's the thing about accessories... K.I.S.S...Keep It Simple...well you know the rest. You should wear a delicate earring, a simple bracelet or one and I mean one statement piece with a simple gown. Of course we love accessories here and understand the value of a good piece of jewelry, but we want you to know YOU are the most important piece of jewelry at an event.

So keep the jewels beautiful but to a minimum and wear your most important accessory to every holiday party...Your Beautiful Face, Your Smile and most importantly your CONFIDENCE.

Have fun Gorgeous!!!