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Have you heard this saying “Ask and you shall RECEIVE”??? There are lessons of it in the Bible and in life. It is amazing how many wealthy people have suggested this as advice (Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins) and shown examples of how it came to fruition. Jim Carey’s story of the time he rode around Mulholland Dr in Beverly Hills over and over imagining living there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXwVD2ncqfE He wrote a check to himself for $10 Million. That was his way of asking. He carried it around and carried it around and then received $10 million for doing Dumb and Dumber in the month he said he should receive it.


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Now if you don’t know there is more to this story...there always is. There was a lot of work involved. There were 10 years of being a stand up comic. There were smaller roles. There were a ton of auditions. So guess what that means, you have to believe you deserve it, ask for it and then WORK for it. So asking for a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti’s is different than asking for a bag by Betsey Johnson. The reason for that is because the level of work required to obtain each bag is different. So let’s be clear the price for the Betsey Johnson bag will be somewhere around $100. The price for the pair of Giuseppe’s will be more like $700. Most of receiving is a result of what you have sewn or the work you have put in. So if you save $100 a week for the next 2 months you will be good to go for a pair of Giuseppes but if you can’t hold on to $100 for more than a week well Betsey’s more up your alley.

Now with all that being said there is some grace and luck that goes with asking, very much the way they tell it in the book or video called “The Secret” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXwVD2ncqfE . This is also true. Jim did the work necessary to be ready when he received the call for Dumb and Dumber. But there was some luck and grace involved in being offered the role in the first place. You know what I mean, being in the right place at the right time, speaking to the right person or having the right connections.

There is a strong need to ask, believe and act. Doing just one may get you what but seems that it won’t be consistent. It is pretty clear you need all three to have consistency in receiving what you have asked for. Please understand that also applies for things that are negative as well. You may not be asking directly to lose your job or break up with your significant other. But there are a couple ways these negative experiences or things could be coming to fruition. The first way is from constantly complaining or (for those that don’t know you are complaining) always talking about the negative things that go on in your life. Without getting into the subject of self fulfilling prophecies or the laws of attraction just know the more you talk about a thing it is like asking the universe for it or saying it’s important to you. The second way is actually my favorite. When something that seems bad happens it could be a set up for the thing you actually want. Hear me out. You have wanted to be a florist for years but know the money wouldn’t be the same, or you don’t really want to be an entrepreneur but you know most florist are small, family owned companies (or so you think) so you don’t even bother to apply. You go to a wedding and because of your gushing over the floral arrangement not only meet the florist but also exchange information. Well you have had one miserable day after the other at your high paying job, you're set up financially for the next few years and would do anything to be happy. Here’s the catch you don’t actually do anything. So guess what the universe or God does for you, they give you the push (you have lost your job) and you are forced to do something. Now you can receive what you have asked for and reach out to the florist you met to help her and possibly work for her whenever possible or you can put out your resume for the same type of job you just had.

If you understand receiving it will be easier to do. So ask away and have a wonderful life.

Signing out “Where FASHION Meets the LIFE you asked for”