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Doesn’t matter what era you are from you have either heard or remember when being an entrepreneur was an anomaly. Everyone one went to school, got a job, worked and then retired. Owning or launching a business was shunned by those who failed and those who tried what so and so did and didn’t get “lucky”. But look at us now. It is almost impossible not to at least try to be an entrepreneur. It’s everywhere. Surely you’ve heard “figure out what you are passionate about" or "get a mentor" and "NEVER give up”. If we monitor the cycle of society, much like looks from the 80’s keep coming back, we will likely going back to the era of the working class. This time however society will have weeded out those who were meant to be entrepreneurs and those that weren’t meant to last in that field...very much like biker shorts

were weeded out of the fashion cycle will hopefully never ever be a thing again (Sorry Diana).

Everyone has something they’re strong at, good at and happy to do and sometimes, actually most times that means working for someone else. Not getting rest, not hanging out and making major sacrifices are not meant for everybody. Being such a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk and hearing him give realistic advice to people trying to make it in this world has been very thought provoking as he says the exact same thing. And I quote “the 6th person at Facebook made a boat load of money”.