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Words to LIVE by

So I created topics for the next few weeks to post on my blog. Ideas just came to me of topics that I not only wanted to talk about but that I thought may be thought provoking. (Hopefully)

I’m certainly not a reporter and nor do I want to be but I do a small amount of research on a topic, find a connection to Fashion because that's always my main focus and write what comes to mind.

What I find interesting is that it would be hard for me to explain to you in detail the way the inspiration works or more importantly why it works and why we need it. I do know why when I see an amazing shoe or find pants that fit me perfectly I'm inspired to create an entire look. Now does that happen to everybody....I don't think so.

Steve Madden found on Lueppit.com

But I do believe after seeing Giuseppe Zanotti create master pieces for your feet or Steve Madden create fun bags that the masses can afford or Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos report on both fun topics and world events, I know inspiration matters. It has created the world we live in. Explaining how it works would be pointless and probably unnecessary. Using it however it is almost mandatory to living

Robin Roberts & George Stephonopolous

Dare I ask what has inspired you? What has inspired how you move in your life? What makes you happy to get up in the morning get dressed and tackle your day? If you are not sure I implore you to investigate. Check out Chris Gardner’s “Start Where You Are”. He was the inspiration behind the movie starring Will and Jaden Smith called the Pursuit of Happyness. Don’t take your Inspiration for granted, it is pretty IMPORTANT!!