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Election Woes... Fashion Flourishes

I haven't written anything since our pre-election post. As we held our breathe with hopeful anticipation of who would be the next representative of the free world as we knew it there was a clear realization that not much would change in our day to day lives... or would it?

Honestly if we think about the role of the President then we must realize their purpose is to come up with creative ideas to make the country better and our lives better. But since they have to also go through Congress and the Senate we must also realize the President is not doing this alone. Soooo in my mind the President's real role is to represent this country and the majority of the people in it. Much like your outfit, hairstyle and especially your shoes represent you.

You wouldn't go to a black tie event in a gown and jump on the closest table yelling YIPPIE!!! So we don't expect our President to represent our country as being racist or sexiest or pig headish. Unless... unless that is a representation of our country that we would like to pretend doesn't exist. Maybe we are finally looking at a mirror. Maybe our current President has been mis-understood and wasn't really being racist or sexist or pig headish Or maybe that what's we wanted to believe based on 1st impressions. From the moment the wrong thing came out of the mouth we just supported what we initially saw with the other rude behaviors that occurred later. What if that is not who he really is? Should we automatically give the benefit of the doubt (side note: Maya Angelou said when people show you who they are believe them...ijs)

I have personally had conversations with people that say "yes he is a jerk but if you do some research his policies are really good". Unfortunately we only get one time to make a FIRST Impression...RIGHT??? Are we supposed to believe what we see until the person proves us wrong always keeping one eye open OR are we supposed to do our own research regardless of our first impressions.

If you go to an interview for a bank with million dollar clients would you wear the current trend of jeans with rips in the knees and a cute pair of ankle boots with fringes? Would the interviewer think you were still great because you have a MBA, spoke very articulately and were very charming. Or would they assume you would clearly have no intention

on representing the brand the bank has established by meeting clients professionally dressed??

I think my fashion brain takes over in this situation. I go with the first impression first. It would take a LOT of hard work on your part to prove your first impression wasn't correct. Then to prove that everything you were doing to prove your first impression wasn't a real representation of you, wasn't fake... But that's just me.

Clearly the country thinks differently...or maybe I should re-evaluate my way of thinking...(hmmm, I don't think so...I'll keep one eye open and pair of stellar black pumps on the side (appropriate for all occasions) just in case).