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When is the election again???...Oh Politics

Am I the only one that is over it. From the very moment Donald Trump said he was running for President the entire campaign coverage has been like a very bad reality series that I can't seem to get away from (STRICTLY MY OPINION, of course). I can honestly say I stopped watching reality t.v. a few years ago. I mean I stopped watching t.v. in general when I couldn't watch OWN (no cable). I don't miss any of it or regret my choice. I will occasionally watch the Flash, DC Legends or Blackish on Hulu.com when I need a brain break. (ok maybe I miss Oprah a lot).

Anyway I stopped watching t.v. because I found I didn't need it. Social media does quite enough to keep me in the loop with what's going on socially and the Bloomberg station keeps me in the loop with business and unfortunately politics. I found watching t.v. like an addictive video game wasting my valuable time while I couldn't seem to tear my self away. So hearing about politics at first was ok. I mean I know who's running. But hearing about what they stand for is a whole different conversation.

If I forget the fact that Trump is a media whore and social idiot and actually pay attention to what he wants to do with the country...nope he's an idiot. Ok I think we all know the best candidate is Hillary Clinton. They are picking on things that were not exclusive to her or severely criminal or this wouldn't of lasted this long. Things are being sensationalized of course. But the fact of the matter is I know longer care about any of it. I'm so over the whole process. So I just want to talk about their style. Their fashion style that is.

Hillary dresses quite appropriately. She is conservative in style and certainly not a fashion risk taker. Even though she does look quite jazzy in that orange suit. She is very smart and reminds me of an era when woman dressed to show assertiveness, professionalism and had a look of "you are going to take me seriously whether you like it or not". She is not a fashion icon by any means. When people see her they are talking about what she said not what she wore, but isn't that the point.

FLOTUS on the other hand has captured all of our attention with her beauty, class and style, not to mention relatibility. I mean how many dresses and button downs have sold out because Michelle Obama had them on?? We love her because even with her style she is truly smart and clearly cares. She has become a national role model for women in this country doing something know other first lady has done quite so well,...be phenomenal.

I didn't forget the idiot, I mean Donald Trump (please do not let my views influence you). Ok, he wears suits almost all the time, no news there. There is truly nothing fashionable or phenomenal about his style at all. I guess that speaks to his character. His horrible comb over (why does he still where this :-( scary look) and prejudice attitude speak volumes when it comes to style. This is one man that has no class and even has peers fight against him. Style is not something you can buy unfortunately and getting elected won't force it on you either. I'm pretty clear he was bored with his life and wanted to try something new (maybe for attention as usual). But instead of the shock value created with running for election he would of done a better job shocking us with a new barber. #ijs

Well fashionistas that's my opinion on the current state of politics and style. My views are my own. But I think we can all agree on one think... Your style speaks volumes. Have a great day :-)