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If Love and Fashion had a Baby

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Where do I begin??? I don't usually discuss celebrity gossip. I think celebrities are fabulous but I am constantly reminded they are talented human beings just like the non-celebrities (well sort of) and find their stories similar to everyone else's in a more glorified way of course but the same non the less. Therefore I don't really feel a need to discuss.

Anyway, the only thing I want to talk about these days is CIARA and RUSSELL WILSON. I have always liked Ciara. She is gorgeous and usually gets fashion right. Every since she revamped her look it was clear that she was coming into her own (well at least to me). It has been great to see her growth in fashion and style. No disrespect to the other guy but that also goes for her well...Fiance. What an upgrade (did I say no disrespect already?)? He is a very handsome man who for all we know not only understands fashion from a men's perspective (and a couple's perspective) but also seems to understand chivalry.

I see more and more men getting it right. It is not enough to just be present you must also be PRESENT. Being romantic, patient and accepting is real easy when you know your end game is sEx. Yes I said it. I know it is probably inappropriate but really if you are over the age of 22 and a heterosexual woman and haven't figured this out yet you either have a really good man already or need to wake up from lala land.

What I mean is when you take sex off the table and take the TIME to get to know someone and spend romantic time with them you are truly building a connection. What most people don't understand is that connection leads to the BEST sex and the longest relationships. It is way better the variety sex or playing the horrible bamboozled game with your genitals. But I will admit that is usually something only women or religious men think. It was corny to admit or think that for decades, kinda like cordoroy high waters (ooh the visual).