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I love being inspired. Well I'm a Pisces and we are naturally dreamers so it doesn't take much to be inspired. We could literally dream so big and so hard that it sometimes feel like we are already there. Luckily for me I also like seeing my dreams become reality.

Now there's the key. Lot's of people get inspired and have a fantasy or a goal we would love to see accomplished. But what kind of person do you have to be to actually get things done. I'll tell you. You have to be someone with passion. Inspiration is Awesome and it is the first step to the goal. Passion will help carry out all the other steps.

Spring is also a great motivator. Spring inspires people to fall in love with the hope of a new life with their soul mate (or something like that). Spring inspires those to have a fresh start. Most satisfy this inspiration by spring cleaning, moving into a new space or buying something fabulous so they feel new.

Spring cleaning and a wardrobe shift have always been my go to's for new season inspiration. I used to think the same things I would wear in the fall applied to the spring. Oh boy was I wrong. The seasons are evident signs of the closure of the previous season and appetizers for the next seasons.

So that means for Spring lighter colors, lighter weight fabrics and less bulky shoes will be required. Going from heavy coats and chunky boots to lightweight over coats and sexy pumps is quite inspirational. Magazines are a great way to get ideas if things don't just pop in your head. Just remember colors or designs that make you think of the new season and that should get you going in the right direction.

Keep in mind inspirtation is the starting point. Use your fashion savvy to express your excitement for the new season and more importantly let it express your new energy and new attitude.