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FASHION Tips, Tricks & Insight


We post weekly tips on Instagram for all things fashion @FASHIONLooped and @Gregariana.   We give advice, tools of the fashion trade and tons of tips on how to make your fashion life better.  Now you can also see them here.  Make sure to let us know what you think on Instagram.  Your opinion means a lot to us.  


How to dress as an Entrepreneur  in 2017


  • Be comfortable: wear great shoes but comfort should come first...you are too busy to need a break because your feet hurt


  • Be Comfortable and Fashionable: wear clothes that move well with you and make it easy for you to move fast BUT make sure you dress fashionable: jeans with a dressier shoe always work, for the ladies a tank dress and cute jacket will do wonders


  • Be comfortable and smart:  carry a functional bag but again make sure it is an accent to your outfit or it can be the star just make sure it doesn’t look like you just picked up whatever was handy.  Your bag will say a lot about you.  Make sure to make the investment even if you carry the same bag every day


Your bag is important 

Here’s our top 3 tips on choosing the right bag


  • Your Style: This is easy...Only wear & buy  stuff you Actually LIKE. You missy be able to visualize yourself actually wearing it


  • Event: Where are you going??? Taking the appropriate bag to the appropriate function is important to nailing it


  • Function: Outside of being an accent to your look what do you need the bag for.  Are you just carrying lipstick and money or will you need

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